Welcome to the second coming of the world's classiest shit ever made.
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Come one come all to the party that you’d wish you didn’t attend
Also our menu will most likely only consist of pizza and flat sodas

My fucking nipz hurt from yesterday and Im pretty sure I bruised the hell outta my lip last night


Saw the new ninja turtles movie starring @jimmyurine #sdcc14

Sketchin Krieg so I can help myself get back into art. Though not really sure if I’m diggin it or not. At least he has a head this time around


My photo, please don’t repost — First Avenue 4/5/2014

Four frames used in this gifset: X

The apps I used for this (Android): HarrisCam, GIF Camera, and Glitchr

I never posted my first finished project for Audio/Video class a few months back.

We were supposed to create a 30 second product commercial and we were given complete free range on it. Since I already had plenty of masks to work with, (along with some recipes for fake blood), I spun off of Hotline Miami and a few other things. Everything happened last minute and all in a one day recording session so I’d have to say it ended up good enough for the grade.

Best thing about this was how well my W34Rw0Lf mask worked with my pal since he’s just about one of the most ripped dudes in class.

One of my favorite descriptions of me by a stranger was “You look like someone who’s famous but also like you’re ready to go to war”.

Another thing for my website assignment.