Welcome to the second coming of the world's classiest shit ever made.
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Did I ever mention that my teacher gave me 25 bonus points for dealing him some programs illegally


Been busy with Photography and Video Production classes!

Here’s a few of the 200+ images I’ve taken. Only because these are some of the only ones I’ve bothered to convert from RAW.

These three are from the International Car Show in ATL


Post show @mindlessselfindulgence #detroit #standrewshall #tbt to Wednesday. Last night.


James is giving me mad Blur/Oasis Britpop vibes but everyone else Nü metal vibes. I’m into it. My handsome sweet potato.


Awesome pic I got of Jimmy from their concert in Toronto, They were fucking incredible!


Check out our full set of photos + review of Mindless Self Indulgence’s show in Toronto here


Max Headroom rips the alphabet (and children’s minds) on sesame street


Mein liebchen @jimmyurine.


Jimmy made his own little drink at the Philadelphia show called Urine’s Nectar, pretty sure that it had a comdom in it and he drank it.